Magazine Number: 88
Publication Date: October 21, 1972
Artists: John M. Burns
In a remote valley, high in the Austrian Alps... a single bell tolls a solemn song of grief... Herr Ahnsen visits the Father Abbot of the monastery, as his son has been taken by 'the evil spirits' of the Hexberg mountain. The Abbot assures him that the monks are the only inhabitants of the mountain, and that his son has probably been swept away by an avalanche. Returning to the monastery, the abbott reports young Ahnsen has been missed - and that his broken body will have to be returned to the village by the grieving monks. But evil has corrupted the monks, and they intend to first sacrifice Ahnsen to their master - the prince of darkness! At that moment, high above them, Sky One intercepts a UFO and the crippled Alien craft spirals groundwards. As the sacrifice reaches its climax, the UFO crashes into the top of the monastery, and tumbles down the mountain. The Alien is thrown clear, and finds himself on the sacrifical altar. Believing the Alien to be their master, the monks start to worship him. Unable to communicate directly, the Alien reaches for the Abbot's face and - unseen - places a crystal to his temple. The Abbot's mind is now the Alien's, and he tells of another brotherhood called SHADO...
Categories: Countdown


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