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Magazine Number: 19
Publication Date: June 26, 1971
Artists: Gerry Haylock
SHADO technician Dennis Skipton has developed an invisible force-field, and demonstrates it to Straker and Freeman by setting up in the control room where they walk into it! Before Straker can take any further action, six UFOs enter the solar system, change course and disappear! While trying to determine their position, six more UFOs are tracked, and their course is taking them to Mars. The second flight of UFOs also disappear from tracking beams near Mars, as though something is blocking all laser and microwave signals. Their target, though, must be the Martian Survey Team and lone astronaut Jack Lewis - out on the surface in a survey vehicle - can only watch in horror as the UFOs destroy the complex. Straker despatches Paul Foster in a Lunar Module to Mars to find out what is going on, but on approaching the red planet, electrical activity peaks and the craft is deflected by an invisible barrier...
Categories: Countdown

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admin · 10th October 2017 at 8:39 pm

Another one that you’ll have to drag left and right to read. Shrinking a two pager like this down would mean the text would be too small.

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