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Magazine Number: 12
Publication Date: May 8, 1971
Artists: Gerry Haylock
A UFO reaches Earth and manages to strike General Henderson's car as he is returning from vacation in America, causing a crash and injuring him. His replacement at an International Astrophysical Commission meeting is General Calper, who accompanies Straker in a ShadAir jet. Calper is unsympathetic towards SHADO, but in flight the UFO is sighted homing in on them. Straker calls on Skydiver for assistance and Sky 1 homes in but not before the UFO is able to fire on the ShadAir jet. Calper is slightly injured but the jet and crew still make it to New York for the conference. A recovered Calper addresses the delegates, and tells them he believes SHADO is no longer competent in defending Earth, and calls for an investigation of Straker and the organisation...
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Thanks to Leo Cudder SHADO Facebook Admin for these scans.

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