They Walk In Darkness Page 5

They Walk In Darkness Issue 125

Ivor Jones is on trial at the Old Bailey law courts in London, accused of the murder of his uncle during a pot-holing expedition, and then inventing a tale of a ‘ghost with a green face’ to account for the ‘accident’. This has become big news, and Jones is taken from the courts by police car to await a verdict. But another car suddenly swerves towards it, forcing the police of the road. A masked man pulls Jones from the car, and they make off in the other vehicle at top speed. The rescuer is Paul Foster, and he tells Jones that Straker is giving him a chance to prove his innocence…

Return Of The Pharoah Page 1

Return Of The Pharoah Issue 129

A sandstorm briefly swallows Sky 1, causing the instruments to go crazy and almost causing Carlin to crash into a pyramid. Apparently he hasn’t chased the UFO as far as Cairo, but the Giza pyramids just outside that city would be the only ones large enough to be a potential obstruction to low-flying aircraft. I guess these are fictitious pyramids existing only in the UFO universe.

Omar believes the aliens to be servants of Isis and Osiris, two of the main gods of ancient Egyptian mythology.

The aliens communicate with Omar telepathically. They promise him that he will become pharaoh. A line of pharaohs ruled ancient Egypt from around 3100-330 BC.

Robot Renegade Page 1

Robot Renegade Holiday Special

A UFO evades Skydiver and lands. A Mobile closes in, and operative Clifton sees a chance to capture it intact. But shortly after he enters it, the UFO self-destructs. This is the third incident to happen like this, and Straker is called to a meeting with Sir Frederick Markham, SHADO’s Whitehall liaison. Scientist Lisman has developed a remote controlled hunter-killer device called ‘Tommy’ for military use, but it could be used to investigate the UFOs without further loss of life. Straker is reluctant but ‘Tommy’ is forced on him to use.

Dig For Danger Page 1

Dig For Danger Holiday Special

A UFO descends over the Rocky Mountains in North America, and Sky One closes in for the kill. But Foster and a squad of Mobiles are closing on the area too, and with the opportunity to capture an Alien alive, the order is given to let it land. Settling beside a cliff, the UFO is hemmed in but when an operative sees a hatch open and moves forward to investigate, it self-destructs. Foster does not believe the Alien would allow himself to be destroyed so easily, and sure enough they find a old mine-working entrance behind the wreckage. Foster goes in alone, and finds an Alien device.

Operation Babylon Page 1

Operation Babylon TV Action Annual 1974

The “Operation Babylon” of the title is the aliens’ plot to turn the speech of the SHADO operatives into gibberish so they cannot communicate with each other and coordinate a defense against a UFO invasion. The title is derived from the Biblical story of the Tower of Babel in Babylon, where God is said to have caused humanity to use different languages in different parts of the world, instead of the single language once said to have been spoken by all, so that it became difficult for all to be understood.

The Alien Totem Page 1

The Alien Totem Countdown Holiday Special 1971

(Countdown Holiday Special)

A UFO gets through Moonbase defences but is crippled by Sky 1 and crashes in the Brazilian jungle. Paul Foster and a specialist on the Brazilian region, Eric Jefferson, are despatched to find it. Spotting the crashed UFO from the air, they land nearby and travel as far as they can by Mobile but the forest is too thick, forcing them to travel on foot.


The Circus

The story opens with the Flaxman Circus playing in Craighferris, Ireland. As far as I can tell, Flaxman Circus and Craighferris are both fictional creations for the story. Page 3 of the story indicates Craighferris is located in southern Ireland.

Straker speculates that the aliens were interested in obtaining Mermoda from the circus for his mind reading skills, to carry on their own telepathic development.

SHADO uses the amnesia drug on a fairly large number of people in this story to make them forget seeing the UFO possessed by the circus and the alien that later emerged; the implication is that both circus employees and guests were treated.


Smash And Grab Countdown Annual 1973

Countdown Annual 1973

– Freeman and another in a Mobile have destroyed a UFO and are driving along a country road when they come to a tree fallen across the road. When they get out and try to shift it, 2 men run in from a hedge and and knock them out with ?iron bars and tie them up. They see from the dashboard that the Mobile has a cannon. They drove it to a place where they planned to ambush a security van carrying nearly 100,000 pounds in payroll. One of them knew that SHADO existed and had been listening to a SHADO wavelength to know when the Mobile would pass. (Surely SHADO radio would be scrambled?) Straker, getting no signal from the Mobile, goes in his car to investigate. Freeman gnaws through his bonds. The Mobile comes out of a cart track entrance and rams the security van. The impact knocks both guards in the van out. The van’s back doors are jammed, so the 2 men blow it open with the Mobile’s cannon and take the payroll and drive back to the ambush site to transfer to their own car. Freeman and the other have just freed themselves when Straker arrives and picks them up. Their car and the stolen Mobile converge at a crossroads. The thieves see that Freeman and the other are in the car, and want to ram it, but a UFO flies in. One of the thieves runs away, and the UFO shoots him with a heavy mounted raygun. Straker runs to the Mobile, pushes the other thief aside, and makes the Mobile dodge just before the UFO shot at where it had just been. The UFO comes in for another pass. Straker orders “Fire!”, and {the other thief has to obey} to save his life, destroying the UFO. Straker and his men take the surviving thief to the local police and return to SHADO headquarters