U.F.O. Comics Countdown and TV Action

Check out the TV series in comic form!

UFO is a sci-fi drama series that tells the story of an international team of experts (SHADO) who counter and investigate Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and protect the planet from alien invasion ..

More than just a show

UFO wasn’t just a TV show, it was also a comic book series that tells the story of the TV show. It’s a fresh, new way to experience the mystery and thrills of UFO.

Exploring UFO together

UFO TV series comics are based on episodes from the real-life UFO TV show. The comics explore what might have happened to the characters in between episodes and make you feel like you’re part of the investigation team, uncovering secrets and solving mysteries.

These comic strips have kindly been uploaded to the SHADO Facebook Group by kind volunteers (Martin Goldsack being the main one). I’d also like to thank Ian from the SHADO Forum for the updated and new versions, and Leo Cudder (Admin SHADO Facebook group) for her time and effort scanning some of the more complex colour editions.

The UFO TV Series inspired these comic strips, see your favourite characters in action.

The comics originally appeared in Countdown/TV Action comic published in the early 1970’s.


I’ve created the website to make them easier to navigate and view, as well as provide more information about them. It’s aim is to get feedback about the strips for review, so please leave comments on the strips, nostalgia always welcome!

When you see the comic strips, you can drag across (right to left) to read, or click on the dots below them, or click the left/right arrows at the edges of the page. The comics  resize to whatever you’re viewing them on.

Thanks to John Peter Britton for allowing me to use his artwork for the site headers.

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A Near Thing Page 1

A Near Thing Issue 50

Paul Foster is sceptical of the idea, which was pressed on SHADO by the Pentagon, and two days later, Space Scout detects a UFO. As it pursues it into orbit ...
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Alien Brainwave Page 1

Alien Brainwave Issue 58

Straker and Freeman are among the passengers, and they are also on the 300mph maiden voyage. However, they are unaware that the television news helijet has been hijacked by aliens, ...
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Countdown 045 Pg 09

Alien Espionage Issue 45

A new SHADO type of assault plane named X1 is being tested high above Surrey (UK). A UFO appears and follows X1, shooting him down before he can fire his ...
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Arctic Affair Page 3

Arctic Affair Issues 26-31

Over the Arctic, Sky 1 piloted by Peter Carlin, is crippled by a UFO. He is forced to warn another craft, a US Army plane piloted by Lieutenant Braydon and ...
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Brotherhood Of Evil Page 1

Brotherhood of Evil Issues 88-92

In an isolated valley high in the Austrian Alps, a single bell chimes a sombre anthem of mourning… Since his son has been kidnapped by "the horrible spirits" of the ...
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Catch Of Doom Page 1

Catch Of Doom Issue 42

Sky 1 intercepts a UFO and shoots it down over the North Atlantic. The Alien survives and is caught in the net of a new high-tech fishing vessel, where he ...
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Issue 49 cover

Clouds Of Madness Issue 49

Even with computer-guided missiles, Interceptor One destroys a UFO near the Moon, but it also launches small metal canisters that Interceptors Two and Three are unable to hit. Moonbase sends ...
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Dig For Danger Page 1

Dig For Danger Holiday Special

In the Rocky Mountains of North America, a UFO swoops down and Sky One is ready for the kill. Although Foster and a group of Mobiles are closing in, the ...
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Eyes Of Terror Page 1

Eyes Of Terror Issues 78-82

Mobile units have been alerted once the SHADO defences have been compromised. Colonel Alec Freeman has also arrived in the area and is on his way to the designated landing ...
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