Unkown Story 1 Page 1

Story One Issue 1

A UFO lands on Earth after eluding interception by Moonbase. SHADO, on the other hand, will have to wait. When the UFO just lands for a few seconds before taking off again, mobiles become confused. The next morning, however, two scientists in the same location are said to have failed to show up for work. Colonel Alec Freeman investigates, only to be attacked by an Alien in Mersham Abbey’s ruins. When Freeman fails to report in, Colonel Paul Foster, who is still in the area in a Mobile, looks for him and is wounded by the Alien.

Unkown Story 2 Page 1a

Story Two Issue 2

SHADO Warren Spencer, a control clerk, has disclosed information about the organisation to Mason, a reporter for The Clarion newspaper. Straker tries to persuade the press not to investigate the matter while Alec Freeman does a security check. A UFO confounds interception by Moonbase and is shot down over the sea by Sky 1. Fisherman Robin Johns, out in the mist in his one-man launch, sees the crash and is horrified to discover a red space-suited body floating close, matching it to the reported account in The Clarion.

The Alien is brought onboard by Johns, who feels Mason would pay a fortune for the information.
Sky 1 notices the launch through the mist and summons Johns to the harbour for questioning.
However, Johns takes a detour and leaves the unconscious Alien at Robbicombe Cave.
Back at the harbour, Paul Foster questions Johns, who claims he just observed the distant crash, but when the fisherman is alone, he phones Mason.
The two men return to the cave together, but the Alien has vanished…

Too Old At 32 Page 1a

Too Old At 32 Issue 7

Captain Frank Harris is undergoing Interceptor simulation tests, but despite being the most experienced and oldest of the pilots at 32, he very narrowly passes. Alec Freeman believes Straker is about to fire him, but the commander only wants to keep an eye on him. When they get back to Moonbase, a real UFO is spotted, and the Interceptors are launched, but Harris is worried that he’ll make a mistake and lose his job…

12 Cover

The New Boss Issue 12

When a UFO lands on Earth, it collides with General Henderson’s vehicle as he returns from a vacation in America, wounding him. General Calper, who travels with Straker on a ShadAir jet, as his replacement at an International Astrophysical Commission meeting. Calper is hostile to SHADO, but a UFO is spotted homing in on them while in flight.
Straker asks Skydiver for help, and Sky 1 arrives just in time for the UFO to fire on the ShadAir plane. Calper is slightly injured, but the plane and crew make it to the meeting in New York. A resurrected Calper addresses the delegates, telling them that he feels SHADO is no longer capable of defending Earth, and that Straker and the organisation should be investigated…

The Force Field Page 1a

The Force Field Issue 19

Dennis Skipton, a SHADO technician, has created an invisible force-field, which he shows to Straker and Freeman by setting up in the control room and walking into it! Six UFOs reach the solar system, alter direction, and vanish before Straker can take any further action! Six more UFOs are traced while trying to figure out their whereabouts, and their path leads them to Mars.
Near Mars, the second UFO craft similarly vanishes from monitoring beams, as if something is blocking all laser and microwave communications. However, the Martian Survey Team must be their goal, and lone astronaut Jack Lewis, who is out on the surface in a survey vehicle, can only watch in horror as the UFOs destroy the facility. Straker sends Paul Foster to Mars aboard a Lunar Module to find out what’s up, but as the craft approaches the red planet, electrical activity spikes, and the vehicle is blocked by an invisible barrier…

Arctic Affair Page 1a

Arctic Affair Issue 26

A UFO cripples the Over the Arctic Sky 1 with Peter Carlin on board. Before hitting the UFO and causing it to crash, he is compelled to warn another craft, a US Army jet piloted by Lieutenant Braydon and Sergeant Lucas, out of the vicinity. The Army plane that is watching the attack has also had problems with the growing blizzard and has crashed nearby, as seen by the Alien survivor…

Trojan Horse Page 1

The Trojan Horse Issue 40

Alec Freeman is relaxing in the countryside when he receives a message to report to the local ETT of a UFO sighting. When Freeman discovers the UFO, he is surprised by an Alien who exposes himself to be Paul Foster! The commander has developed a dummy UFO and decided to test it on Freeman, figuring that if it can deceive him, it might be able to mislead the Aliens in a ‘Trojan Horse’ tactic. It isn’t long before a UFO is spotted, and it is permitted to approach Earth according to Straker’s plan. Freeman transports Foster to the ETT in a huge truck and deploys the dummy UFO, posing as an injured astronaut. As SHADO forces draw in, a genuine UFO lands, and an alien arrives to assist.