The Alien Heart Attack Page 1

The Alien Heart Attack Issue 41

As a diversionary ploy by the Aliens, three UFOs are destroyed by Moonbase Interceptors, allowing a quicker, larger version to slip through to Earth. It lands in Sussex, at the mansion of famous heart physician Sir Richard Conroy, where Aliens tell him he must operate on one of their Leaders – or face death! The Aliens fight back as SHADO draws in, and Foster is injured. Conroy transports the Aliens to a hospital in his private chopper, where the surgeon admits defeat because the Alien rejects the human heart he has; a similar replacement would just produce the same issue. Straker and Carlin arrive barely in time to save Conroy from being assassinated as a result of his failure. and apprehend the aliens However, when they return to Headquarters in a Mobile, the Leader begins to glow, and Straker and Carlin leap out as he self-destructs, eliminating the other Aliens. Their UFO glows as well, but it takes off and vanishes…

Catch Of Doom Page 1

Catch Of Doom Issue 42

Over the North Atlantic, Sky 1 intercepts a UFO and shoots it down over the water. The Alien lives and is caught in the net of a new high-tech fishing ship, killing the crew. A signal is sent out to lure Skydiver into a trap, instructing the skipper to construct a bomb. The metal fishing net catches the skydiver, and the Alien detonates a bomb on board. The Alien, on the other hand, has failed to account for the skipper, who harpoons the Alien, allowing Carlin to retrieve the bomb and throw it into the water before it explodes.

The Colour Is Green Page 1

The Colour Is Green Issue 43

A top-secret substance dubbed 12X is being transferred to a new international space base in Cornwall for use in rocket fuel. A UFO eludes detection and is monitored as it approaches the region. The Aliens hijack the tanker and take it to a decommissioned chemical plant after destroying the escort. Straker must prevent the Aliens from obtaining a condensed green gas, which appears to be a component of the 12X and is also what they use to breathe on their voyages. Straker infiltrates the Alien operation using a dummy alien spacesuit and replaces the fuel with a green-colored liquid. The Aliens flee, but realise their mistake and return to destroy the tanker before Sky 1 can.

The Hillbilly Affair Page 1

The Hillbilly Affair Issue 44

Hillbillies Jepson and Tully witness a UFO crash land in the Kentucky backwoods, with an injured Alien staggering out. Foster has already arrived in America and has teamed up with operative John Gillman to conduct a search in a Mobile. Gillman is shot when they find Jepson and Tully’s shack. The Alien claims to be a top-secret test pilot, while the SHADO guys claim to be foreign spies. The Alien kills Tully after successfully capturing Foster, but is ambushed by a furious Jepson. Foster is locked up and the shack is set on fire by the hillbilly. Foster busts a window and chases after Jepson, who has returned to the UFO. However, Foster’s approach sets off the self-destruct, killing Jepson in the process.


Straker Smells A Rat Issue 46

When UFOs are spotted, Straker is on an inspection trip of Moonbase. Captain Sayers conducts an Interceptor flight, but the UFOs manage to install a limpet device on SID before they are destroyed. Moonbase is effectively blinded as a result of the ear-splitting boom that clogs all communications. Sayers offers to pilot an Interceptor in an attempt to disable the gadget, but the pilot is actually a traitor working with the Aliens. Near Mars, a large UFO fleet has gathered and is preparing to attack. Having appeared to be effective in dealing with the device, Sayers returns to Moonbase and tries to activate the system, but he is outmanned. Straker suspected something, and Sayers was discovered to be wearing ear plugs, which insulated him from the jamming signal, which would have blown all communications if he had restarted the system. The gadget is deactivated by a backup mission, and the Alien fleet is annihilated.

The Movies Page 1

The Movies Issue 47

As an alien ship approaches, astronauts Skipper and Alvin attempt to repair their ship, and a helmeted monster informs them that their time has run out! Also, cut! Director Sol X. Zimenes congratulates his cast on a “great moment,” but Buzz Peters, who plays the alien “Terror of the Spaceways,” is not impressed and storms off. Meanwhile, a SHADO Mobile closes in on a landing UFO forty miles outside of Los Angeles. In a firefight, both craft are destroyed – Operative Hanson is killed, and the Alien pilot is ejected clear, only to see a vehicle approaching.The driver believes the weird figure is a publicity ploy, but the Alien snatches the car to hide and communicate with base.
While Paul Foster searches for the Mobile’s last known location, the Alien wanders through a film studio and spots a gigantic starship!
Crashing past the barrier, the Alien discreetly makes his way to the set, where he is mistaken for a science-fiction film by the studio cops and crew.
Foster locates the brutally battered driver, who dies shortly after informing him of the Alien, and begins his quest.Buzz Peters discovers the Alien and kills him for his troubles. Before the Alien can flee, Zimenes, who believes he is the actor in costume, tracks him down and leads him to the’spaceship.’ As the Alien joyfully mounts it, Foster comes only to discover it is a gigantic prop! The enraged Alien opens fire as Zimenes’ cameras roll, and dies when the’ship’ burns to the ground. Foster leaves a befuddled Zimenes to put out the fire since he has no solutions.

The Alien Ally Page 1

The Alien Ally Issue 48

Recent incidents have seen UFOs elude SHADO over the Moldavian Alps, according to Alec Freeman. Freeman and co-driver Matthews crash through a barrier and into Moldavia in search of a landing UFO after failing to persuade border authorities of their mission. They lose the UFO as a result of the delay, and they are apprehended by Moldavian forces and taken before Karasko. The commander claims that, unlike Freeman, the Aliens have committed no crimes against his country, and the two are freed – without their phones – back across the border. Straker decides to use his status as “film producer” to go on a site scouting trip to Moldavia. Straker visits a local at Dvarksberg, the UFO’s last known location, who tells him about the legend of “evil dwarves who kidnapped children,” and how it has taken on a new meaning. Straker recognises the abduction pattern and flees, but he has drawn the military’s notice. Straker stands in the mountains, watching as a chopper transports Karasko to a cave, where he is greeted by an Alien. Straker kidnaps the chopper and uses it to incite the Moldvian military in the area. They pursue him into the cave, where he hides, resulting in a battle between the soldiers and the Aliens. The military turns on Karasko, and Straker shows the men frozen Moldavians awaiting transport to the Alien world. After the base is destroyed, the Moldavian general decides that it is time for his country to join the rest of the world.


Clouds Of Madness Issue 49

Interceptor One destroys a UFO near the Moon, but it also jettisons small metal canisters that Interceptors Two and Three, even with computer-guided missiles, are unable to strike. Earth receives a warning from Moonbase, but even Sky One will not be able to eliminate all of them. Straker chooses to deal with them on the ground, so Alec Freeman and new recruit Hoyle are sent to the task. The canisters appear to be harmless, but as Hoyle approaches one too quickly, he is overcome by gas. Freeman pushes Hoyle clear while masking his face, but Hoyle suddenly becomes violent. I’m going to knock him out. There would be horrible rioting if any canisters fell in a town, Freeman realises. Straker jumps from a SHADO plane to join Freeman and examine another close landing with scant time to spare. This is in the Duke of Brandon’s exclusive estates, but Straker and Freeman must contend with game animals rendered insane by the gas. They are saved by a recovering Hoyle, who drives the car under the tree, while they climb a tree to avoid enraged bulls. Straker gets an idea from Freeman’s suggestion of shotguns to oppose other canister landings. Modified missiles that break up into tiny individual shells are utilised, much like shotgun pellets, and SHADO has won for the time being.