The Assassin Page 1

The Assassin Issue 118

After a failed mission owing to a meteroite shower, a manned Venus space probe splashes down in the ocean. Colonel Butler is a hero for making improvised repairs in orbit to ensure the astronauts’ safe return. Straker was opposed to the mission from the outset since it would take the probe across space where Aliens were operating. Alec Freeman is startled when Straker agrees to take a few days off after losing touch for a few hours due to the meteors. Butler is presented with the Presidential Medal of Honor a day later on the lawns of the White House in Washington, D.C.Guards scream as Ed Straker rushes across the lawn, hurling an object and screams, ‘You’ll all die!’ Then there’s a massive explosion…

The Alien Totem Page 1

The Alien Totem Countdown Holiday Special 1971

(Countdown Holiday Special)

A UFO manages to get past the Moonbase’s defences, but is damaged by Sky 1 and crashes in the Brazilian rainforest. Paul Foster and Eric Jefferson, a Brazilian expert, are dispatched to track it down. They arrive close after spotting the wrecked UFO from the air and try to get as far as they can by Mobile, but the jungle is too thick, forcing them to walk.


The Circus

The Flaxman Circus is performing in Craighferris, Ireland, when the drama begins. Flaxman Circus and Craighferris, as far as I can determine, are both made up characters for the plot. Craighferris is in southern Ireland, according to page 3 of the tale.

According to Straker, the aliens were interested in taking Mermoda from the circus in order to further their own telepathic development.

In this scenario, SHADO administers an amnesia chemical on a huge number of individuals to make them forget about the circus’s possession of a UFO and the alien who later appeared; the inference being that both circus staff and guests were treated.


Smash And Grab Countdown Annual 1973

Countdown Annual 1973

After destroying a UFO, Freeman and another passenger in a Mobile are travelling down a country road when they come across a tree that has fallen over the road. When they get out and try to move it, two men appear from behind a hedge and knock them unconscious with iron bars before tying them up. They notice that the Mobile has a cannon from the dashboard. They drove it to a location where they planned to ambush a security van transporting over £100,000 in payroll. One of them was aware of the existence of SHADO and had been listening to a SHADO wavelength in order to determine when the Mobile would pass. (Wouldn’t SHADO radio be scrambled?) Straker gets in his car to investigate after receiving no signal from the Mobile. The bonds of the freeman are gnawing at him. The Mobile hits the security van as it emerges from a cart track entrance. Both guards in the van are knocked out by the impact. The back doors of the van are stuck, so the two men use the Mobile’s cannon to blow them open, collect the paycheck, and drive back to the ambush spot to transfer to their own vehicle. When Straker arrives and picks them up, Freeman and the other have just liberated themselves. At a crossroads, their automobile and the stolen Mobile collide. When the robbers notice Freeman and the other passengers in the car, they plan to ram it, but a UFO intervenes. The UFO blasts one of the robbers with a heavily mounted raygun as he flees. Straker dashes over to the Mobile, pushes the other thief aside, and causes the Mobile to duck just as the UFO fires a shot at the location where it had been. The UFO returns for a second pass. To preserve his life, Straker orders “Fire!” and the other thief must obey, destroying the UFO. Straker and his men return to SHADO headquarters after delivering the surviving thief to the local police.


The Haunted Mine Countdown Annual 1973

Countdown Annual 1972

A haunted coal mine in England is supposed to exist. Some old blocked-off workings make noises, which Davy (one of the miners) hears. The others laugh at him. Davy leaves to investigate the source of the noise. On the surface, Foster and Murray in a Mobile rush by to investigate the 4th UFO landing that week, but this UFO, like the others, crashed into a neighbouring moor and vanished. The Mobile ventures onto the moor but discovers nothing. It descends through a thin cover of branches over an old mineshaft as it returns to the road. Foster leaps to the edge of the hole, but Murray is knocked out by the Mobile. Foster descends the mineshaft and discovers that the Mobile is a total wreck, and Murray is on his way out. When he enters the old workings, he notices at least three UFOs in a corridor. Three miners travel in search of Davy. Some of the timbers seem loose, as if the old workings have been uncovered. They walk into the ancient workings and find Foster, whom they suspect of harming Davy as a suspicious outsider. Foster tries to explain aliens and UFOs, but no one believes him. Dave reappears, Murray leaning on him, and informs them that the two have being pursued by men with green skin. The miners make the decision to depart. Then at least four armed aliens arrive and appear to ‘have them cold,’ but Foster orders a struggle to get out of the trap, or else the humans will be taken away in a UFO.The remainder of the miners, on the other hand, arrive with picks and shovels, mistaking the commotion from the old workings for a roof collapse. They see what’s going on and use their picks and shovels to assault the invaders. One of the aliens manages to get away. Foster is perplexed and pursues the alien, grabbing him as he is ready to manipulate a small control panel, assuming it is a self-destruct mechanism. He orders the miners to stop fighting and return to the new workings. They all flee, but the aliens don’t pursue them. Behind them, the old workings erupt. Davy owns a motorcycle, as well as a sidecar: With it, he transports Foster and some explosive to the old shaft’s top. Foster detonates the bomb just as the first of the UFOs approaches the shaft’s top, attempting to flee. Rather than being captured, the alien base and the UFOs burst, self-destructing.