The Million Year Old Trap Page 1

The Million Year Old Trap Issue 103

A SHADO Moon Mobile, piloted by Paul Foster and Captain Swann, closes in on crater Plotinus. SHADO scientists have detected a ‘nothing’ – a large space under the lunar surface there. At the same time, a UFO is hit by an Interceptor missile, and the crippled Alien craft crashes into the crater. Foster and Swann are amazed to see smoke rise – an impossibility as nothing can burn without oxygen. Swann tries to pull clear of the dust but it chokes the Moon Mobile’s motors, and the craft crashes to the crater floor. The dust is now being thinned by wind, eminating from a light. Outside, they find a huge gateway has opening – some kind of airlock. And before them suddenly appears a huge humanoid reptile, calling himself Dagon, and warning that their trespass has triggered a countdown to the destruction of the Moon…

River Of Death Page 1

River Of Death Issue 107

Straker flies to San Paulo in Brazil to check on seemingly inefficient South American operations there. Met by Lieutenant Gomez at the airport, Straker is suddenly hit with a blowpipe dart from a disguised native indian, and collapses – dead! Foster flies out to the SHADO base there to investigate, and notices that the glass panel in the coffin lid is misting over – Straker is alive but in a deep suspended animation. The dart had a nerve-paralysing poison unknown to mankind, but the indian had been killed trying to escape. He is recognised by Major Enchada as a Curura indian – a primitive tribe no white man has ever visited. SHADO scientists may be able to find an antidote but another twenty-four hours and Straker may suffer permanent brain-damage. Foster has little choice but to take Enchada and Straker’s body by Mobile up the Rio del Muerte river, to find the indians and a possible cure. Hours later, they spot two indians spear-fishing in a canoe, but Enchada’s clumsy handling of the Mobile capsizes it. The man is saved but Foster has to fight an alligator to save the boy. This puts the two indians in their debt, and using sign language Foster is able to explain their need.


Spirit Of Fear Issue 110

At Lofthaussen Metaphysical Research Centre in Leignitz, Germany, Doctor Kurt Frestein and his team are developing a new x-ray technique. But assistant Walter is caught in an active beam, and he finds his ‘spirit’ separated from his body. Being invisible and intangible, Frestein can only hear Walter’s cries to turn the machine off, after which his spirit returns. Frestein is intrigued by the fantastic discovery, as is junior technician Horscht who believes the Aliens will reward him for the information. Hours later, four UFOs are detected, and all but one is destroyed, which lands in Germany. Horscht smuggles the two Aliens into the centre and is showing them the device when Walter walks in, and is shot down by one of them…

Project Of Doom Page 1

Project Of Doom Issue 114

Earthport One is the brainchild of Greg Masterson, genius engineer and self-made milionaire, with the space station the first call for commercial space tourism. Using the cover of the film studio, Straker and Foster are given a tour by Masterson but the fact some areas are prohibited and off-limits raises suspicions. Straker contacts the military, whose evasiveness confirms they may have involvement in the project. Three UFOs are detected, and two are destroyed by Interceptors. The third makes for Earthport One, and is shot at by concealed missiles from the station before the Interceptors finish the job.

RecordBreakers Page 1

RecordBreakers Issue 122

Nestling in the picturesque Netherdale Valley in England’s Lake District, is the newly established ‘Supasports Centre’, birthplace of the ‘super’ athlete… Using a secret combination of special diets, electro-muscular therapy and tough, rigorous training schedules, the centre guarantees to produce the fastest, most powerful athletes in the world…

Veteran sprinter and Olympic gold medallist Alf Kidd is creator of the ‘Super Athlete, and sends long distance runner Peter Sharpe over Haw Gable to see if he can cut five minutes off his previous time. On his run, Sharpe spots a helicopter – and a gun fires a dart at him. Trying to find cover, the athlete plummets to his death over a drop. Straker reads the report in the newspaper and ties it to the disappearance of a UFO in the same area a month ago.

They Walk In Darkness Page 5

They Walk In Darkness Issue 125

Ivor Jones is on trial at the Old Bailey law courts in London, accused of the murder of his uncle during a pot-holing expedition, and then inventing a tale of a ‘ghost with a green face’ to account for the ‘accident’. This has become big news, and Jones is taken from the courts by police car to await a verdict. But another car suddenly swerves towards it, forcing the police of the road. A masked man pulls Jones from the car, and they make off in the other vehicle at top speed. The rescuer is Paul Foster, and he tells Jones that Straker is giving him a chance to prove his innocence…

Return Of The Pharoah Page 1

Return Of The Pharoah Issue 129

A sandstorm briefly swallows Sky 1, causing the instruments to go crazy and almost causing Carlin to crash into a pyramid. Apparently he hasn’t chased the UFO as far as Cairo, but the Giza pyramids just outside that city would be the only ones large enough to be a potential obstruction to low-flying aircraft. I guess these are fictitious pyramids existing only in the UFO universe.

Omar believes the aliens to be servants of Isis and Osiris, two of the main gods of ancient Egyptian mythology.

The aliens communicate with Omar telepathically. They promise him that he will become pharaoh. A line of pharaohs ruled ancient Egypt from around 3100-330 BC.

Dig For Danger Page 1

Dig For Danger Holiday Special

A UFO descends over the Rocky Mountains in North America, and Sky One closes in for the kill. But Foster and a squad of Mobiles are closing on the area too, and with the opportunity to capture an Alien alive, the order is given to let it land. Settling beside a cliff, the UFO is hemmed in but when an operative sees a hatch open and moves forward to investigate, it self-destructs. Foster does not believe the Alien would allow himself to be destroyed so easily, and sure enough they find a old mine-working entrance behind the wreckage. Foster goes in alone, and finds an Alien device.