Magazine Number: 56
Publication Date: March 10, 1972
Artists: Brian Lewis
A UFO penetrates SHADO defences, and lands under the cover of a heavy storm in London. As Paul Foster is despatched in a Mobile to search for it, the Alien takes cover in a seemingly deserted rain-drenched building, and mutual terror strikes as it faces a caged tiger. Alerted by the noise, a zoo-keeper investigates and, in a short fight, is killed. The Alien's face-plate is smashed, and it seeks liquid to survive. In the morning, the other zoo wardens find their colleague's body - and the landed UFO. Foster is diverted to London Zoo, and is shown the Alien's smashed helmet. Realising the Alien requires liquid, Foster heads for the aquarium, and find the Alien unconscious in one of the tanks. The whole tank is transported across London to a nearby hospital, where the Alien is fitted with a rigged up helmet filled with a special solution. As SHADO operatives guard the exits, the Alien recovers and kills an orderly. Stealing clothes and a van from the hospital laundry, the Alien escapes back to the zoo. Releasing the big cats as a diversion for the SHADO guards, the Alien heads for the UFO. But a leopard leaps at the Alien, and sets off the UFO's self-destruct mechanism, killing him. Notes:
Categories: Countdown

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