Magazine Number: 58
Publication Date: March 24, 1972
Artists: Jon Davis
Among the guests are Straker and Freeman, and they are also on the 300mph maiden journey. But unknown to them, the television news helijet has been hi-jacked by Aliens, and they are monitoring the passengers. Using remote control, the Aliens seal the World President's quarters and one gets aboard, stunning him with a gun. By the time the President recovers and the door is released, the Alien has gone. But unknown to anyone, the President is now receiving mental commands from them. UFO activity has been non-existent for the last two months, and Straker suspects they are building up to something big. He is right, for the World President - a guest of the British Prime Minister - now deems SHADO to be an expensive waste in the light of no recent sightings. Straker is told the organisation has to go, and since only days ago the President was congratulating them, concludes the Aliens are involved. A photo of an Alien seen in the helijet confirms this, and Straker decides to give the Aliens what they want - be revealing SHADO and their conflict to the world. This is to draw the President to SHADO Headquarters, and the monitoring Alien helijet. The President is captured, and medical examination reveals a small implant in the neck. Engineer Barker wires the device so it can transceive and later, the President - Ed Straker in disguise - leaves SHADO. The Aliens demand an explanation. The response is a request to meet, and the Aliens direct him to a rendezvous in the Surrey countryside. When the Aliens land their helijet, Straker opens fire with a pistol but is wounded in return. The escaping Alien is killed when Straker hits the helijet fuel tanks.



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