Magazine Number: 51
Publication Date: February 4, 1972
Artists: Martin Asbury
On the planet of the Aliens, an experiment is about to begin which could give the Earth's arch-enemies the power to destroy SHADO... An Alien in a space-suit is bombarded with weapons - and survives unscathed. Some days later, three UFOs approach but one avoids the Interceptor attack. It lands close to SHADO Headquarters, and Mobiles are despatched to capture the Alien. The operatives are somewhat astonished as the armed Alien stands by the UFO, almost taunting them in. One opens fire, and the Alien proves indestructible! A pitched battle starts, ending in the destruction of the Mobiles, and the Alien advancing on the Studios. But is he after the base, or just Straker? The Commander decides there is only one way to find out, and confronts the enemy...



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