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Magazine Number: 1
Publication Date: February 20, 1971
Artists: Jon Davis
A UFO manages to evade interception by Moonbase and lands on Earth. However, waiting SHADO Mobiles are confused when the UFO only touches down for a matter of seconds before taking off again. But the following morning two scientists are reported as not turning up for work in the same area. Colonel Alec Freeman investigates, only to be ambushed by an Alien in the ruins of Mersham Abbey. Colonel Paul Foster, still in the area in a Mobile, searches for Freeman when he doesn't report in and is also wounded by the Alien. Realising that the disappearances are all connected, Straker lays an ambush for the UFO which will have to arrive to collect the abducted men. Unknown to the commander, a Moonferry has sighted the UFO and intercepted it, causing a delay in its arrival. On Earth, the helmetless Alien is weakening, which gives Freeman a chance to escape, just as the UFO arrives. With no chance of capturing it, Skydiver is alerted and Sky 1 is able to destroy it. WIth a dead Alien and a destroyed UFO, the only positive aspect is that Freeman and the two scientists were not taken.



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admin · 9th October 2017 at 9:21 am

The first ever comic, and without a title for the story, hence “Story One”.

Lightcudder · 27th September 2018 at 2:47 pm

This first story is somewhat ‘thin’ but on the whole the artist did a fair enough job. The machines are drawn with good accuracy, the characters somewhat less. The insertion of some screenshots from the series helps maintain the readers interest, but the story is rushed and there are plot holes that you could drive a mobile through.

How did the alien capture the scientists? How did Straker manage to work out when the next UFO would arrive? Why did no one go to find out what had happened to Paul Foster when he stopped answering?

The art work varies between great (the vehicles and explosions) and okay. (well, poor really, but at the time who really cared!) The faces tended to be bland and vague, although there are a couple that are excellent. I would have loved it more if some pages had been in colour. My real !!! moment though was seeing the UFO that was due to pick up Foster, Freeman and the others. What? What sort of UFO was that?

Would this have made a good episode? Not really. There was little depth in the story and it lacked substance. On the whole the dialogue works, right up to the last scene where Straker seems to be quite forgiving of the mistakes made:

“Calm down. I know it was just bad luck but it should have been so easy. And we stopped the aliens taking three top men and that’s our job – to defend Earth.”


Art work 3
Story 3
Dialogue 3
UFO ‘ness’ – as in How like the series was it? 3

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