Magazine Number: 46
Publication Date: December 31, 1971
Artists: Brian Lewis
Straker is on an inspection tour of Moonbase when UFOs are sighted. Captain Sayers leads an Interceptor flight but the UFOs are able to plant some sort of limpet device on SID before being destroyed. This jams all communications with an ear-splitting sound, and Moonbase is effectively blinded. Sayers volunteers to take an Interceptor and try and deactivate the device but the pilot is really a traitor in league with the Aliens. A massive UFO fleet is massed near Mars and is ready to attack. Seemingly successful in dealing with the device, Sayers returns to Moonbase and attempts to start up the system but he is overpowered. Straker suspected something, and Sayers is found to be wearing ear plugs which protected him - had he started up the system again, the jamming signal would have blown all communications. A back-up mission deactivates the device, and the Alien fleet is destroyed.
Categories: Countdown

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