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Magazine Number: 41
Publication Date: November 26, 1971
Artists: Rab Hamilton
Three UFOs are destroyed by Moonbase Interceptors as a diversionary tactic by the Aliens to allow a faster, larger version to get through to Earth. It lands in Sussex at the mansion of leading heart specialist Sir Richard Conroy, where Aliens tell him he is to perform an operation on one of their Leaders - or be killed! As SHADO closes in, the Aliens fight back and Foster is wounded. The Aliens are taken by Conroy in his private helicopter to a hospital, where the surgeon admits defeat as the Alien is rejecting the human heart he has - a similar replacement would simply cause the same problem. Straker and Carlin arrive just in time to prevent Conroy being killed for his failure, and capture the Aliens. But as they transport them in a Mobile back to Headquarters, the Leader starts to glow and Straker and Carlin jump out as he self-destructs, destroying the other Aliens. Their UFO also glows, but takes off and disappears...



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