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Magazine Number: 118
Publication Date: May 19, 1973
Artists: John M Burns
A manned Venus space probe splashes down in the ocean, having aborted due to a meteroite shower. Colonel Butler is a hero, having made makeshift repairs in space in order for the astronauts to return safely. Straker was opposed to the mission from the start, as the probe was due to pass through space where the Aliens were active. The loss of contact for a few hours, supposedly caused by the meteors, has him concerned, and Alec Freeman is surprised when Straker actually agrees to taking a few days off. A day later, on the lawns of the White House in Washington D.C., Butler is receiving the congessional medal of honour from the President. However, Butler suddenly staggers, and and is taken inside after giving his cap to the President. Guards cry out as a man rushes across the lawn - Ed Straker - who hurls an object and yelling 'You'll all die!'. And then there is a powerful explosion...



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