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Magazine Number: 44
Publication Date: December 17, 1971
Artists: Malcolm Stokes
In the Kentucky backwoods, hillbillies Jepson and Tully see a UFO crashland and an injured Alien stagger out. Foster is in America already and teams up with operative John Gillman to search in a Mobile. But when they find Jepson and Tully's shack, Gillman is shot. The Alien has told them he is a top secret test pilot, and the SHADO men are foreign spies. Having successfully captured Foster, the Alien kills Tully but is attacked by a deranged Jepson. The hillbilly locks Foster in and sets fire to the shack. Foster smashes through a window and follows Jepson, who has returned to the UFO. But Foster's approach triggers the self-destruct and Jepson is killed in the explosion.
Categories: Countdown

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