Magazine Number: 55
Publication Date: March 3, 1972
Artists: Jon Davis
Hiding their UFO under bush, the Aliens tap an overhead phone wire and send an emergency signal and location to a nearby hospital. An ambulance is despatched in response, but the two men are ambushed by the Aliens. Minutes later, the ambulance returns to the hospital, and the two men show the Aliens where to find Doctor Issacs. The doctor is stunned, and the two controlled men carry him back to the ambulance. Straker has led a Mobile force to find the UFO, and SHADO Headquarters determine the nearest target is Issacs - a specialist in mechanical hearts - at the nearby clinic. The Aliens are already using the two men to raid the clinic stores, but shoot them when they have what they want. One man lives long enough to give a warning, and Straker is waiting. But the UFO self-destructs, and the Alien-driven ambulance is forced to veer off. With Issacs a hostage, Straker has to give chase but a shot from an Alien gun forces the Mobile off the road. London Spaceport is warned, and the Aliens given access to one of the Moon Ferry rockets. Straker is forced to bluff, and tells the Aliens only enough fuel to get two men into orbit has been given. The Aliens appear to argue - one forcing the other off the rocket at gunpoint - but Straker launches the ferry capsule automatically with Issacs aboard. Their hostage lost, SHADO Mobiles close in, but the Aliens destroy themselves and the launchpad rather than be captured. With Issacs safe, the crew of the spaceport are given the amnesia drug to make them forget.
Categories: Countdown

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