Magazine Number: 47
Publication Date: January 7, 1972
Artists: Martin Asbury
Against the background of space - a crippled Earth ship. Astronauts Skipper and Alvin work to repair their ship as an alien ship appears, and a helmeted creature tells them their time has expired! And... cut! Director Sol X. Zimenes congratulates his actors on a 'classic scene' but Buzz Peters, playing the alien 'Terror of the Spaceways', is less than enthusiastic and storms off. Meanwhile, forty miles away outside Los Angeles, a SHADO Mobile closes in on a landing UFO. Both craft are destroyed in an exchange of fire - Operative Hanson is killed, and the Alien pilot is thrown clear, to find a car approaching. The driver thinks this strange figure a publicity stunt, but the Alien steals the car to find a place to hide, and a means to contact base. While Paul Foster heads for the last known position of the Mobile, the Alien passes film studios - and sees a massive spaceship! Crashing through the barrier, the Alien silently bluffs his way to the set, as studio police and crew think him part of a science-fiction film. Foster finds the brutally beaten driver, who dies after telling him about the Alien, and starts to search. The Alien has been found by Buzz Peters, and is killed for his troubles. Before the Alien can get away, he is found by Zimenes, who thinks he is the actor in costume, and is led to the 'spaceship'. Foster arrives as the Alien triumphantly boards it, only to find it is a giant prop! As Zimenes' cameras roll, the angry Alien opens fire, and dies when the 'ship' burns to the ground. With no answers to offer, Foster leaves a baffled Zimenes to put out the blaze.
Categories: Countdown

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