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Magazine Number: 40
Publication Date: November 19, 1971
Artists: Jon Davis
Alec Freeman is enjoying a rest in the countryside when he receives an alert to get to the nearby ETT of A UFO nearby. Finding the UFO, Freeman is taken off guard by an Alien - who reveals himself to be Paul Foster! The commander has had a dummy UFO built, and decided to test it on Freeman - if it will fool him, it might just fool the Aliens in a 'Trojan Horse' style strategy. It is not long before a UFO is sighted, and following Straker's plan it is allowed to reach Earth. Freeman drives Foster in a large truck to the ETT and deploys the dummy UFO, with Foster in a spacesuit pretending to be injured. As SHADO forces close in, the real UFO lands and an Alien goes to help. The trick works and Foster fights the Alien, but he is armed with a pistol and a SHADO marksman has to shoot first. The UFO self-destructs, and SHADO are once again left empty-handed.



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