Magazine Number: 83
Publication Date: September 16, 1972
Artists: John M. Burns
Somewhere in the South Pacific, Robin Jackman is in the lead in the 'Round-The-World' yacht race in his trimaran Ariel but 206 days out he loses radio contact with Melbourne. Jackman suddenly spots a crippled UFO crashing into the sea, and thinking it an aircraft stands by to rescue the pilot. High above him, Captain Carlin in Sky One radios SHADO headquarters to report the UFO was winged but then the plane's weapons system went out of synchronisation. Straker is concerned that several UFOs have disappeared in the area, and the Aliens may be surviving under the sea. Jackman pulls the Alien out of the sea and, seeing the green skin, thinks him dead. Far from it, and the Alien revives and holds Jackman at gunpoint as the sailor tries to radio a distress signal. The Alien indicates where he wants to go on the boats charts, and Jackman has little choice but to obey. But by now, Carlin has rejoined Skydiver, and the sub heads out in a search pattern to locate the UFO, with the first vessel they encounter being Jackman's yacht, The sailor tries to bluff his way out saying he has not seen anything else, knowing the Alien has a weapon trained on them, but then Carlin jumps aboard...



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