RecordBreakers Page 1

RecordBreakers Issue 122

Nestling in the picturesque Netherdale Valley in England’s Lake District, is the newly established ‘Supasports Centre’, birthplace of the ‘super’ athlete… Using a secret combination of special diets, electro-muscular therapy and tough, rigorous training schedules, the centre guarantees to produce the fastest, most powerful athletes in the world…

Veteran sprinter and Olympic gold medallist Alf Kidd is creator of the ‘Super Athlete, and sends long distance runner Peter Sharpe over Haw Gable to see if he can cut five minutes off his previous time. On his run, Sharpe spots a helicopter – and a gun fires a dart at him. Trying to find cover, the athlete plummets to his death over a drop. Straker reads the report in the newspaper and ties it to the disappearance of a UFO in the same area a month ago.