Small World Page 1

Small World Issue 71

Straker arrives at Moonbase to meet Doctor Joseph Brant, who has made a discovery so great he will not communicate it even on a top security channel. In his laboratory he shows Straker a microscope and, on a slide, a living animal no bigger than a speck of dust.

A newly discovered lunar mineral-based drug is the breakthrough, and Brant would like to try it on a human volunteer, which only Straker can authorise. Straker decides to take the drug himself, and after a miniaturised space-suit is readied, the nightmare process begins. The miniaturised Straker dons the suit, and turns to face a giant Brant.

Impressed, Straker decides to return to Earth secretly in miniaturised state with Brant, but en route a flight of UFOs attack. The moon ferry is badly damaged, and the container holding Straker smashes to the floor…