Magazine Number: 999
Publication Date: September 30, 1972
Artists: Luis Bermejo
A UFO evades Skydiver and lands. A Mobile closes in, and operative Clifton sees a chance to capture it intact. But shortly after he enters it, the UFO self-destructs. This is the third incident to happen like this, and Straker is called to a meeting with Sir Frederick Markham, SHADO's Whitehall liaison. Scientist Lisman has developed a remote controlled hunter-killer device called 'Tommy' for military use, but it could be used to investigate the UFOs without further loss of life. Straker is reluctant but 'Tommy' is forced on him to use. Two days later, another UFO lands not far from SHADO Headquarters, and Markham and Lisman accompany Straker and Freeman as they investigate. 'Tommy' is sent in, and the UFO self-destructs, leaving the armoured device intact. But it suddenly opens fire, and proves impervious to Straker and Freeman's shots. Lisman panics, inadvertantly setting 'Tommy' to 'seek and destroy', and is killed. It is now up to Straker and Freeman to try and stop it running amok, and killing anyone else who comes near it...



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Categories: Specials / Annuals


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