Unkown Story 2 Page 1a

Story Two Issue 2

SHADO Control Clerk Warren Spencer has leaked information about the organisation to a reporter called Mason for The Clarion newspaper. While Alec Freeman runs a security check, Straker tries to persuade the paper not to pursue the story. A UFO manages to evade interception by Moonbase to be shot down by Sky 1 over the sea. Fisherman Robin Johns, out in his one-man launch in the mist, sees the crash and tying it to the reported story in The Clarion, is startled to see a red space-suited body floating nearby.

Johns brings the Alien aboard, and believes Mason will pay a fortune for the information. Sky 1 sees the launch in the mist, and orders Johns to report to the harbour for questioning. En route though, Johns detours past Robbicombe Cave and leaves the unconscious Alien there. Back at the harbour, Johns is questioned by Paul Foster, and states he only saw the distant crash, but once alone the fisherman contacts Mason. Together, the two men return to the cave – but the Alien has gone…

Too Old At 32 Page 1a

Too Old At 32 Issue 7

Captain Frank Harris is going through Interceptor simulation tests but at 32 he is the most experienced and oldest of the pilots and only just passes. Alec Freeman thinks Straker maybe on the verge of dismissing him but the commander simply wants him watched. Returning to Moonbase, a real UFO is sighted and the Interceptors launched, but Harris is concerned he may slip up – ending his career…

12 Cover

The New Boss Issue 12

A UFO reaches Earth and manages to strike General Henderson’s car as he is returning from vacation in America, causing a crash and injuring him. His replacement at an International Astrophysical Commission meeting is General Calper, who accompanies Straker in a ShadAir jet. Calper is unsympathetic towards SHADO, but in flight the UFO is sighted homing in on them.

Straker calls on Skydiver for assistance and Sky 1 homes in but not before the UFO is able to fire on the ShadAir jet. Calper is slightly injured but the jet and crew still make it to New York for the conference. A recovered Calper addresses the delegates, and tells them he believes SHADO is no longer competent in defending Earth, and calls for an investigation of Straker and the organisation…

The Force Field Page 1a

The Force Field Issue 19

SHADO technician Dennis Skipton has developed an invisible force-field, and demonstrates it to Straker and Freeman by setting up in the control room where they walk into it! Before Straker can take any further action, six UFOs enter the solar system, change course and disappear! While trying to determine their position, six more UFOs are tracked, and their course is taking them to Mars.

The second flight of UFOs also disappear from tracking beams near Mars, as though something is blocking all laser and microwave signals. Their target, though, must be the Martian Survey Team and lone astronaut Jack Lewis – out on the surface in a survey vehicle – can only watch in horror as the UFOs destroy the complex. Straker despatches Paul Foster in a Lunar Module to Mars to find out what is going on, but on approaching the red planet, electrical activity peaks and the craft is deflected by an invisible barrier…

Arctic Affair Page 1a

Arctic Affair Issue 26

Over the Arctic Sky 1, with Peter Carlin aboard, is crippled by a UFO. He is forced to warn another craft, a U.S. Army plane piloted by Lieutenant Braydon and Sergeant Lucas, out of the area before hitting the UFO and causing it to crash. The Army plane, which observes the attack, has also encountered difficulties in the worsening blizzard and crashed nearby, observed by the Alien survivor…