Small World Page 1

Small World Issue 71

Straker arrives at Moonbase to meet Doctor Joseph Brant, who has made a discovery so great he will not communicate it even on a top security channel. In his laboratory he shows Straker a microscope and, on a slide, a living animal no bigger than a speck of dust.

A newly discovered lunar mineral-based drug is the breakthrough, and Brant would like to try it on a human volunteer, which only Straker can authorise. Straker decides to take the drug himself, and after a miniaturised space-suit is readied, the nightmare process begins. The miniaturised Straker dons the suit, and turns to face a giant Brant.

Impressed, Straker decides to return to Earth secretly in miniaturised state with Brant, but en route a flight of UFOs attack. The moon ferry is badly damaged, and the container holding Straker smashes to the floor…

Eyes Of Terror Page 1

Eyes Of Terror Issue 78

A UFO has penetrated SHADO defences, and Mobile units are alerted. Colonel Alec Freeman is also in the area, and heads for the projected landing area. But the UFO is found by two drivers from a haulage truck, who are badly injured when it self-destructs. Having seemingly planned this, the Alien steals the truck. Freeman is told of this by one of the men, and leaves the Mobile patrol to care for them while pursuing the Alien. On the open motorway, Freeman tries to force the truck off the road but only succeeds in crashing himself. Thrown clear of the car to lie unconscious, the Alien leaves him – its own mission lies in the back of the truck… a mission which will destroy all of SHADO…

Voyage of Disaster Page 1

Voyage Of Disaster Issue 83

Somewhere in the South Pacific, Robin Jackman is in the lead in the ‘Round-The-World’ yacht race in his trimaran Ariel but 206 days out he loses radio contact with Melbourne. Jackman suddenly spots a crippled UFO crashing into the sea, and thinking it an aircraft stands by to rescue the pilot. High above him, Captain Carlin in Sky One radios SHADO headquarters to report the UFO was winged but then the plane’s weapons system went out of synchronisation. Straker is concerned that several UFOs have disappeared in the area, and the Aliens may be surviving under the sea. Jackman pulls the Alien out of the sea and, seeing the green skin, thinks him dead. Far from it, and the Alien revives and holds Jackman at gunpoint as the sailor tries to radio a distress signal. The Alien indicates where he wants to go on the boats charts, and Jackman has little choice but to obey. But by now, Carlin has rejoined Skydiver, and the sub heads out in a search pattern to locate the UFO, with the first vessel they encounter being Jackman’s yacht, The sailor tries to bluff his way out saying he has not seen anything else, knowing the Alien has a weapon trained on them, but then Carlin jumps aboard…

Brotherhood Of Evil Page 1

Brotherhood of Evil Issue 88

In a remote valley, high in the Austrian Alps… a single bell tolls a solemn song of grief…
Herr Ahnsen visits the Father Abbot of the monastery, as his son has been taken by ‘the evil spirits’ of the Hexberg mountain. The Abbot assures him that the monks are the only inhabitants of the mountain, and that his son has probably been swept away by an avalanche. Returning to the monastery, the abbott reports young Ahnsen has been missed – and that his broken body will have to be returned to the village by the grieving monks. But evil has corrupted the monks, and they intend to first sacrifice Ahnsen to their master – the prince of darkness! At that moment, high above them, Sky One intercepts a UFO and the crippled Alien craft spirals groundwards. As the sacrifice reaches its climax, the UFO crashes into the top of the monastery, and tumbles down the mountain. The Alien is thrown clear, and finds himself on the sacrifical altar. Believing the Alien to be their master, the monks start to worship him. Unable to communicate directly, the Alien reaches for the Abbot’s face and – unseen – places a crystal to his temple. The Abbot’s mind is now the Alien’s, and he tells of another brotherhood called SHADO…

The Destructive Decoy Page 1

The Destructive Decoy Issue 93

Straker and Foster journey to Moonbase to view a new breakthrough – new improved space fighter craft called Vanguards. Pilot John Franks is due to test fly one, and is launched to intercept a drone UFO target launched from a Moon Ferry. But as Vanguard One closes in, Franks reports a second UFO which Moonbase cannot detect. Thinking the UFO is about to destroy the craft, Franks ejects and sets off the Vanguard self-destruct. As Foster wonders what went wrong, Straker orders Franks to be rescued and put in sickbay for a full medical report, pending his court-martial…

Scanner Shut Down Page 1

Scanner Shut Down Issue 96

A SHADO Moonmobile leaves Moonbase, and takes up a monitoring position to observe a launch from the United Earth Space Exploration Centre on the lunar surface. For twenty minutes after the launch, SID’s instruments are nullified, and Straker is forced to call a meeting of the International Astrophysical Commission to complain. The IAC are not sympathetic, and a returning manned Venus probe is also due in Moonbase’s operational area in three hours. But as the Probe approaches Moonbase and Foster prepares to receive them, the astronauts pick up three fast moving contacts. Moonbase suddenly loses contact with the Probe, as three UFOs close in on it…

The Million Year Old Trap Page 1

The Million Year Old Trap Issue 103

A SHADO Moon Mobile, piloted by Paul Foster and Captain Swann, closes in on crater Plotinus. SHADO scientists have detected a ‘nothing’ – a large space under the lunar surface there. At the same time, a UFO is hit by an Interceptor missile, and the crippled Alien craft crashes into the crater. Foster and Swann are amazed to see smoke rise – an impossibility as nothing can burn without oxygen. Swann tries to pull clear of the dust but it chokes the Moon Mobile’s motors, and the craft crashes to the crater floor. The dust is now being thinned by wind, eminating from a light. Outside, they find a huge gateway has opening – some kind of airlock. And before them suddenly appears a huge humanoid reptile, calling himself Dagon, and warning that their trespass has triggered a countdown to the destruction of the Moon…

River Of Death Page 1

River Of Death Issue 107

Straker flies to San Paulo in Brazil to check on seemingly inefficient South American operations there. Met by Lieutenant Gomez at the airport, Straker is suddenly hit with a blowpipe dart from a disguised native indian, and collapses – dead! Foster flies out to the SHADO base there to investigate, and notices that the glass panel in the coffin lid is misting over – Straker is alive but in a deep suspended animation. The dart had a nerve-paralysing poison unknown to mankind, but the indian had been killed trying to escape. He is recognised by Major Enchada as a Curura indian – a primitive tribe no white man has ever visited. SHADO scientists may be able to find an antidote but another twenty-four hours and Straker may suffer permanent brain-damage. Foster has little choice but to take Enchada and Straker’s body by Mobile up the Rio del Muerte river, to find the indians and a possible cure. Hours later, they spot two indians spear-fishing in a canoe, but Enchada’s clumsy handling of the Mobile capsizes it. The man is saved but Foster has to fight an alligator to save the boy. This puts the two indians in their debt, and using sign language Foster is able to explain their need.

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