Spirit Of Fear Issue 110

At Lofthaussen Metaphysical Research Centre in Leignitz, Germany, Doctor Kurt Frestein and his team are developing a new x-ray technique. But assistant Walter is caught in an active beam, and he finds his ‘spirit’ separated from his body. Being invisible and intangible, Frestein can only hear Walter’s cries to turn the machine off, after which his spirit returns. Frestein is intrigued by the fantastic discovery, as is junior technician Horscht who believes the Aliens will reward him for the information. Hours later, four UFOs are detected, and all but one is destroyed, which lands in Germany. Horscht smuggles the two Aliens into the centre and is showing them the device when Walter walks in, and is shot down by one of them…

Project Of Doom Page 1

Project Of Doom Issue 114

Earthport One is the brainchild of Greg Masterson, genius engineer and self-made milionaire, with the space station the first call for commercial space tourism. Using the cover of the film studio, Straker and Foster are given a tour by Masterson but the fact some areas are prohibited and off-limits raises suspicions. Straker contacts the military, whose evasiveness confirms they may have involvement in the project. Three UFOs are detected, and two are destroyed by Interceptors. The third makes for Earthport One, and is shot at by concealed missiles from the station before the Interceptors finish the job.

The Assassin Page 1

The Assassin Issue 118

A manned Venus space probe splashes down in the ocean, having aborted due to a meteroite shower. Colonel Butler is a hero, having made makeshift repairs in space in order for the astronauts to return safely. Straker was opposed to the mission from the start, as the probe was due to pass through space where the Aliens were active. The loss of contact for a few hours, supposedly caused by the meteors, has him concerned, and Alec Freeman is surprised when Straker actually agrees to taking a few days off. A day later, on the lawns of the White House in Washington D.C., Butler is receiving the congessional medal of honour from the President. However, Butler suddenly staggers, and and is taken inside after giving his cap to the President. Guards cry out as a man rushes across the lawn – Ed Straker – who hurls an object and yelling ‘You’ll all die!’. And then there is a powerful explosion…

RecordBreakers Page 1

RecordBreakers Issue 122

Nestling in the picturesque Netherdale Valley in England’s Lake District, is the newly established ‘Supasports Centre’, birthplace of the ‘super’ athlete… Using a secret combination of special diets, electro-muscular therapy and tough, rigorous training schedules, the centre guarantees to produce the fastest, most powerful athletes in the world…

Veteran sprinter and Olympic gold medallist Alf Kidd is creator of the ‘Super Athlete, and sends long distance runner Peter Sharpe over Haw Gable to see if he can cut five minutes off his previous time. On his run, Sharpe spots a helicopter – and a gun fires a dart at him. Trying to find cover, the athlete plummets to his death over a drop. Straker reads the report in the newspaper and ties it to the disappearance of a UFO in the same area a month ago.

They Walk In Darkness Page 5

They Walk In Darkness Issue 125

Ivor Jones is on trial at the Old Bailey law courts in London, accused of the murder of his uncle during a pot-holing expedition, and then inventing a tale of a ‘ghost with a green face’ to account for the ‘accident’. This has become big news, and Jones is taken from the courts by police car to await a verdict. But another car suddenly swerves towards it, forcing the police of the road. A masked man pulls Jones from the car, and they make off in the other vehicle at top speed. The rescuer is Paul Foster, and he tells Jones that Straker is giving him a chance to prove his innocence…

Return Of The Pharoah Page 1

Return Of The Pharoah Issue 129

A sandstorm briefly swallows Sky 1, causing the instruments to go crazy and almost causing Carlin to crash into a pyramid. Apparently he hasn’t chased the UFO as far as Cairo, but the Giza pyramids just outside that city would be the only ones large enough to be a potential obstruction to low-flying aircraft. I guess these are fictitious pyramids existing only in the UFO universe.

Omar believes the aliens to be servants of Isis and Osiris, two of the main gods of ancient Egyptian mythology.

The aliens communicate with Omar telepathically. They promise him that he will become pharaoh. A line of pharaohs ruled ancient Egypt from around 3100-330 BC.


Smash And Grab Countdown Annual 1973

Countdown Annual 1973

– Freeman and another in a Mobile have destroyed a UFO and are driving along a country road when they come to a tree fallen across the road. When they get out and try to shift it, 2 men run in from a hedge and and knock them out with ?iron bars and tie them up. They see from the dashboard that the Mobile has a cannon. They drove it to a place where they planned to ambush a security van carrying nearly 100,000 pounds in payroll. One of them knew that SHADO existed and had been listening to a SHADO wavelength to know when the Mobile would pass. (Surely SHADO radio would be scrambled?) Straker, getting no signal from the Mobile, goes in his car to investigate. Freeman gnaws through his bonds. The Mobile comes out of a cart track entrance and rams the security van. The impact knocks both guards in the van out. The van’s back doors are jammed, so the 2 men blow it open with the Mobile’s cannon and take the payroll and drive back to the ambush site to transfer to their own car. Freeman and the other have just freed themselves when Straker arrives and picks them up. Their car and the stolen Mobile converge at a crossroads. The thieves see that Freeman and the other are in the car, and want to ram it, but a UFO flies in. One of the thieves runs away, and the UFO shoots him with a heavy mounted raygun. Straker runs to the Mobile, pushes the other thief aside, and makes the Mobile dodge just before the UFO shot at where it had just been. The UFO comes in for another pass. Straker orders “Fire!”, and {the other thief has to obey} to save his life, destroying the UFO. Straker and his men take the surviving thief to the local police and return to SHADO headquarters


The Haunted Mine Countdown Annual 1973

Countdown Annual 1972

A coal mine in England is said to be haunted. Davy (one of the miners) hears noises from some old blocked-off workings. The rest scoff at him. Davy goes off to look for the cause of the noise. On the surface, Foster and Murray in a Mobile rush past to investigate the 4th UFO landing reported that week, but like the others this UFO came down on a nearby moor and vanished. The Mobile goes onto the moor and finds no trace. As it goes back to the road, it falls through a thin cover of branches over an old mineshaft. Foster jumps out clear onto the edge of the hole, but Murray goes down with the Mobile. Foster climbs down the mineshaft, and finds that the Mobile is a total wreck and Murray is gone. He walks into the old workings and sees at least 3 UFO’s in a passage. 3 miners go to look for Davy. Some timbers are loose, as if someone had opened the old workings. They go into the old workings and find Foster and jump on him as a suspicious intruder and suspect that he had harmed Davy. Foster tries to explain about the aliens and the UFO’s and is not believed. Just then Dave comes back to them, with Murray leaning on him, and says that the 2 had been chased by men with green skin. The miners decide to flee. Then at least 4 armed aliens come, and seem to `have them cold’, but Foster calls for an attempt to fight out of the trap, else the humans there would be shipped away in a UFO. (The aliens’ helmets are the usual shape but completely transparent.) But the rest of the miners come with picks and shovels, thinking that the resulting noise from the old workings is a roof fall. They see what was happening and attack the aliens with their picks and shovels. One of the aliens breaks away. Foster wonders why, and chases him, and grabs the alien as he is about to operate a small control panel, guessing that it is a self-destruct. He calls the miners to leave the fight and run back to the new workings. They all get away, but the aliens do not follow them. The old workings blow up behind them. Davy has a motorcycle and sidecar: with it he takes Foster and some explosive to the top of the old shaft. Foster throws the explosive in just as the first of the UFO’s gets near the top of the shaft as it tries to escape. The alien base and the UFO’s explode, self-destructing rather than be captured.