The Alien Totem Page 1

The Alien Totem Countdown Holiday Special 1971

(Countdown Holiday Special)

A UFO gets through Moonbase defences but is crippled by Sky 1 and crashes in the Brazilian jungle. Paul Foster and a specialist on the Brazilian region, Eric Jefferson, are despatched to find it. Spotting the crashed UFO from the air, they land nearby and travel as far as they can by Mobile but the forest is too thick, forcing them to travel on foot.


The Circus

The story opens with the Flaxman Circus playing in Craighferris, Ireland. As far as I can tell, Flaxman Circus and Craighferris are both fictional creations for the story. Page 3 of the story indicates Craighferris is located in southern Ireland.

Straker speculates that the aliens were interested in obtaining Mermoda from the circus for his mind reading skills, to carry on their own telepathic development.

SHADO uses the amnesia drug on a fairly large number of people in this story to make them forget seeing the UFO possessed by the circus and the alien that later emerged; the implication is that both circus employees and guests were treated.

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