Magazine Number: 999
Publication Date: December 15, 1973
Artists: Martin Asbury
A UFO descends over the Rocky Mountains in North America, and Sky One closes in for the kill. But Foster and a squad of Mobiles are closing on the area too, and with the opportunity to capture an Alien alive, the order is given to let it land. Settling beside a cliff, the UFO is hemmed in but when an operative sees a hatch open and moves forward to investigate, it self-destructs. Foster does not believe the Alien would allow himself to be destroyed so easily, and sure enough they find a old mine-working entrance behind the wreckage. Foster goes in alone, and finds an Alien device. Before he can smash it, four Aliens surround him and try to capture him. Foster is bemused why do not use a weapon, and fires his gun, bringing the weak roof down. Outside, the SHADO operatives see the collapse but have no machinery to rescue Foster. The yellow glitter of gold gives one man an idea, and contacts local radio stations to announce a gold strike. In a nearby town, gold miners pick up their equipment and head for the area. SHADO have already 'staked' the claim, but the lead operative explains one of their men is trapped - if the miners free him, the claim is theirs. Hours pass, and the experienced men work their way down to where Foster is. But an Alien has also survived, and wings Foster as he climbs out. The SHADO operatives pull him clear as the shot starts another rock fall, crushing the last Alien. Knowing the gold is higher up the mountain, away from the Aliens, Foster leaves the miners to their claim.



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