Magazine Number: 114
Publication Date: April 21, 1973
Artists: John M. Burns
Earthport One is the brainchild of Greg Masterson, genius engineer and self-made milionaire, with the space station the first call for commercial space tourism. Using the cover of the film studio, Straker and Foster are given a tour by Masterson but the fact some areas are prohibited and off-limits raises suspicions. Straker contacts the military, whose evasiveness confirms they may have involvement in the project. Three UFOs are detected, and two are destroyed by Interceptors. The third makes for Earthport One, and is shot at by concealed missiles from the station before the Interceptors finish the job. This tells Straker - and the Aliens - exactly what the true motive behind Earthport One is. Straker takes his concern that the Aliens could use Earthport One to strike at any target if they got control to General Henderson - and is surprised when the military concedes and disarms the missile batteries. Straker believes the backdown was too easy, and enlists Foster to infiltrate Earthport One as part of the operational team. Foster is quick to note there are two teams - those who work in the restricted areas keep to themselves. While working on the station, Foster determines that the missile batteries are still operational. A UFO has landed on Earth, and while SHADO search for it, two Aliens hi-jack an Earthport supplies truck. At the spaceport, SHADO operative Matthews suspicions are raised but while one Alien is captured, one is almost certainly on its way to the space station. Foster keeps his spacesuit on, and is the only one left conscious when the Alien sabotages the oxygen. As the Alien launches a missile strike against every important Earth capital, Foster kills the Alien, and triggers the missiles' self-destruct before they reach their targets.



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Categories: TV Action


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