Magazine Number: 103
Publication Date: February 3, 1973
Artists: John M. Burns
A SHADO Moon Mobile, piloted by Paul Foster and Captain Swann, closes in on crater Plotinus. SHADO scientists have detected a 'nothing' - a large space under the lunar surface there. At the same time, a UFO is hit by an Interceptor missile, and the crippled Alien craft crashes into the crater. Foster and Swann are amazed to see smoke rise - an impossibility as nothing can burn without oxygen. Swann tries to pull clear of the dust but it chokes the Moon Mobile's motors, and the craft crashes to the crater floor. The dust is now being thinned by wind, eminating from a light. Outside, they find a huge gateway has opening - some kind of airlock. And before them suddenly appears a huge humanoid reptile, calling himself Dagon, and warning that their trespass has triggered a countdown to the destruction of the Moon...



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Categories: TV Action


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